Healthy through the summer (vacation)

The Summer is now in full swing. We are all thoroughly enjoying the long days and nice temperatures. The sun is smiling on us, nature is at its best and the summer vacation has already begun for most or is not long in coming. So a wonderful time. But how do you keep yourself healthy and fit during this time? After all, long evenings, nice temperatures and vacations often mean good food and drink and relax. We have listed a number of tips for you, so that you can still enjoy this sunny and free period looking after your health. After all, you only have one of those.

Drinking adequately

Make sure you have enough moisture ingress. All year round, of course, this is important, but the warmer it is the more our bodies need moisture. Just make sure you don’t fill yourself up with sugar bombs, such as juice, soda and iced tea. That’s not going to make us healthier. Tea and water are the best. Does that get a little boring and you’re in the mood for variety? Then make your own iced tea! Or flavor your water by adding slices of lemon, lime or cucumber. Or put fresh fruit in with ice cubes and you have delicious chilled fruit water. You can also use frozen fruit: these are instantly the ice cubes. Moreover, in this way you immediately have an additional way to get some vitamins to take in.

Healthy snacks

Picnics in the park, a visit to the beach or putting our feet up in the backyard: all moments when we prefer to take something tasty with us. Unnoticed, we so often eat more unhealthy things than we normally would. In itself not a problem, but if you alternate it with healthy alternatives, you’ve already come a long way. Think about fresh, chilled fruit or snack vegetables. If you put those in the fridge, you immediately have a refreshing snack address. But nuts, oatcakes or banana bread are also healthy snacks. Even if you are on the road, there are plenty of healthy snacks, which you can take with you. Put them in a cooler or cooler bag and it will stay cool longer too!

Enough exercise

Also during the summer vacations enough exercise. Movement is incredibly important for a healthy body and healthy mind. It improves blood values, fitness and muscle building. Take a nice city walk, go to the outdoor pool, bike around the area or just go shopping on foot. There will be plenty of days in the fall when you’ll be sitting inside, so take advantage of the nice weather! A nice by-product is that being outside is also vitamin D produces, something that is important for all kinds of functions in our bodies. If you go out in the sun, make sure you apply sunscreen To protect your skin.


It’s tempting to go to bed late on a vacation to go to bed late (especially when the weather is still nice outside) and sleep late. However, research shows that body and mind thrive very well on getting up early and getting enough sleep. Keeping your day and night rhythm is important for rest and balance your body. Something that contributes to how your body recovers and it even affects your weight. Maintaining your normal rhythm will also make it easier to switch to fall after the summer and to switch to work after a vacation, so you will be less tired and less likely to feel “ready for vacation again.

Limit screen time

Although it is wise to limit your screen time throughout the year, summer is an excellent time to put your money where your mouth is. There is more natural light and there is more to do outside the home, making it easier to cut down on your phone, tablet, laptop and television. You will see that it is a positively affects your sleep pattern. This is partly because natural light is good for us and partly because we less stimuli need to process.


While it is important to pay attention to what you eat, drink and do, it is especially important to enjoy. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Make conscious choices and enjoy what you do and the people you do it to. After all, if anything is disastrous for your health it is stress, so relax and enjoy the summer.

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#healthyfood #healthylifestyle 
#healthy #foodie #instafood #fitness #vegan #foodstagram #foodlover #delicious #nutrition #healthyliving #diet #fit #healthyrecipes #veganfood #plantbased #turmeric #curcumine #organic #eatclean #glutenfree #healthylife #fitfood
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