How do you ensure good health?

Our health is our most valuable asset. A good health, both mental and physical, determines how we feel. And how we feel determines how we experience daily life and how we can shape our lives. If we have good health, we can get the most out of life. Therefore, everyone wants to be healthy. But how do you do that?

Balance in the delusion of the day

We are busy every day with work, our family, family and friends and hobbies and leisure. We often ask a lot of ourselves and usually live in the frenzy of the day, without thinking about ourselves and our health. We take those for granted, while there nothing is more important than having good health. The better we feel, the more we can get out of our lives and we can shape it daily the way we want. We can make the most of our work, family and hobbies. Our body is actually the ultimate tool And we have to take good care of that. We need to maintain it and recharge our “battery” regularly so that we can stand up to the test of time. For that, we need a Finding balance between exertion and relaxation (in the broadest sense of the words) and body and mind. That balance is always changing and we will have to continuously look for it. Fortunately, there is much we can do ourselves to improve our positively promote health and grow old healthy.

Body and mind

Body and mind are inextricably linked and continuously influence each other. Therefore, in addition to your body, get to know your mind for a optimal health. Know what gives you satisfaction, what gives you peace and what makes you happy. In fact, our bodies benefit from positivity and little stress. It is an important component of good health and healthy living. In addition, there is a Interaction between body and mindHow healthy you feel and how healthy you really are influence each other.

Eat, sleep, move

You never have 100% control over your mental and physical health. Part of it is hereditary, for example, and environmental factors also have an impact on your health. Still, there are several things, which you can do to get a promote and maintain good health. The three most important components in this regard are food, sleep and exercise. In short, eat healthy and in moderation, get enough sleep (of good quality) and exercise regularly.

Nourish your body well

When it comes to food, most people eat because they are hungry and want to satisfy it. However, food is also often eaten out of habit, in social contexts or other reasons. It is important to consider how much and what foods are good for you. Wrong food choices and eating too much can actually be harmful to your health in the long run. Therefore, eat as needed and eat a healthy and varied diet. More on healthy food read here .

Sleep well

The power of sleep is often underestimated. It is the time for our bodies and minds to recover. We recharge our ‘battery’, process the impressions of the day and cleanse our bodies. Too little (good) sleep can therefore have a negative effect on your health, resulting in, for example, obesity, physical illnesses or even depression. The sleep requirement varies from person to person, but averages about seven hours per night. Note that the quality of that sleep is very important. A good indicator is whether you wake up in the morning feeling rested and fit. There are several ways to make your improve sleep. For example, use the bedroom only for sleeping, make sure you have a good bed and a set rhythm or ritual.

Exercise enough

People who get enough exercise and active, live longer. Movement improves the physical conditionwhich makes us fitter are and can do things independently for longer. In addition, exercise has a positive effect on our weight and on various body functions, such as blood pressure, respiratory system, heart and intestines. Crucial functions for a healthy body. Enough exercise also has a positive effect on our mood and memory. So exercise is also important for our minds and as we saw, our minds interact strongly with our bodies when it comes to good health.

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#healthy #foodie #instafood #fitness #vegan #foodstagram #foodlover #delicious #nutrition #healthyliving #diet #fit #healthyrecipes #veganfood #plantbased #turmeric #curcumine #organic #eatclean #glutenfree #healthylife #fitfood
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