Curcumin: What Is It And What Does It Do?

In a previous blog we discussed turmeric and its health benefits it has. In that blog we wrote that the active ingredient in turmeric ‘curcumin’ has. In this blog we go deeper and further about curcumin. What is this substance and how does it work?

The source

Curcumin is extracted from turmeric (the roots of the turmeric plant curcuma longa) and is a yellow dye, which turns the carrot yellow. That is why the root is also called turmeric. There are three types of curcumin, which together curcuminoids to shape. Curcuminoids are the main medicinal substances in turmeric, an aromatic spice. 80% of curcuminoids consist of curcumin I, the other 20% is formed by curcumin II and curcumin III. In addition to extraction from the plant, curcumin can also be made synthetically in a lab.

Food additive

Curcumin is a so-called food additive. This means that it can be added to food for technical reasons, such as colorings, flavors and preservatives. In Europe, curcumin is approved as E number E100. Turmeric powder is sold as a spice for the kitchen, with which you can cook curry, for example. The concentration of curcumin in turmeric powder is around 3.14%. Curcumin Supplements are being further developed and therefore have a better absorption nowadays. This increases the chance of positive health outcomes with curcumin supplements.


Curcumin is non-toxic and has a positive effect on many areas in the body. It is a promising substance when it comes to prevention and treatment of a wide variety of (chronic) diseases, such as gastrointestinal complaints, liver diseases, inflammations and wounds. Many of the health benefits come from strengthening the antioxidant system (curcumin has a strong antioxidant effect ) and because it has an anti-inflammatory works. In addition, curcumin contributes to the chelation of heavy metals, which means that it is also a detoxifying effect has. Indications for which curcumin is used therapeutically range from disorders related to the nervous system, immune system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, cardiovascular system to the musculoskeletal system (including arthritis and osteoporosis), skin disorders and heavy metal load.

Biological availability

The bioavailability of curcumin is very low. The low bioavailability means that curcumin is hardly absorbed into the body via the gut and is broken down in the bloodstream within minutes. As a result, curcumin ends up in the tissues and organs in extremely low amounts. Because curcumin supplements are getting better developed bioavailability is also increasing. This ensures a better effect and therefore more research can be done into the effect of curcumin.

Low absorption and contraindications

One of the disadvantages in the therapeutic use of curcumin is the rather low absorption after oral intake. As described above, the quality (and efficacy) of curcumin supplements is increasing. if SLCP (solid lipid curcumin particles) the effectiveness is, for example, a lot higher, because this form of curcurmin has a much higher bioavailability than regular curcumin and enters the body via the lymph and not via the portal vein blood. As a result, more active substance is absorbed into blood, tissues and organs. Although curcumin is non-toxic and has no side effects, it can interact or interact with medication, altering or limiting the action of medication. Therefore, always consult a doctor. In case of biliary obstruction or gallstones and during pregnancy and lactation, the therapeutic use of curcumin is not recommended.

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