Beautiful skin from the inside out

It is our largest organ, it is what people see first and it is our greatest protector: our skin. Our skin soon reveals how we are doing. The reflects namely, our health . If you take good care of yourself, then you take good care of your skin and so you literally radiate that. Well of course you can smear all sorts of things on the outside on it to make it rays, but you can also take care of your skin very well from inside do, in a natural way.

Fresh, raw and various colors

We write more often that healthy and varied food is the key to a healthier life and body. This also applies to a healthy skin. By eating a healthy and varied diet, you can avoid many complaints or skin problems prevent or reduce. Healthy and varied specifically includes fresh, unprocessed and colored food. It also means the avoid of toxins . This is because when the liver has to process too many toxins and can no longer cope, it dumps the toxins into cells under the skin. So take care of your daily portion vegetables and fruit.


Moisture is incredibly important for a healthy, soft and supple skin. This is because dehydrated cells have difficulty renewing themselves, causing toxins to accumulate in the skin. accumulate. Lack of moisture causes skin cells to change shape: from a full grape to a shriveled raisin. Instead of a radiant skin have dull, pale and dry skin if you lack water. For healthy skin, an adult should drink at least 1.5 liters per day. By drinking we then count water, (vegetable) juices and herbal teas. Black tea, soft drinks and coffee are best left out.

Healthy gut flora

The gut, or more specifically the gut flora, and skin are inseparable. For example, in the intestines biotin (vitamin B8) produced by good intestinal bacteria: the probiotics. Biotin ensures that the right fats are extracted from food for the creation of new skin cells. Those probiotics additionally help in the increase of your resistance and in getting in balance bringing the hormone balance and it shows in your skin. Probiotics may have poor resistance to antibiotics and alcohol. So it is wise to avoid these things as much as possible. Probiotics can be found in sauerkraut, yogurt, tomatoes, onions, garlic, miso and bananas, among others.


When it comes to healthy skin, the advice is simple: avoid sugar(s). Sugar has a bad impact on your entire body and therefore also on your skin. For example, it affects the collagen on, making the skin stiffer and less supple. This allows sooner wrinkles arise. But it also weakens the immune system, making you faster inflammations gets (also in the skin) and it affects the intestinal flora which also has a negative effect on the skin, as we described above.


Various vitamins, minerals and proteins are important for healthy and supple skin. Of those minerals, we want to highlight one: zinc. Zinc Indeed, helps irritated skin soothe and aids in the production of white blood cells, allowing wound healing is promoted, and it helps in the fight of infections and diseases. Zinc also regulates the hormone testosterone, which is the sebaceous glands stimulates. Excess sebum causes clogging of the glands. Zinc is additionally a antioxidant which defuses free radicals. A zinc deficiency can be recognized, for example, by poorly healing wounds. Eczema, a chronic inflammation of the skin, is also a manifestation of zinc deficiency. There is even evidence that in some people, zinc deficiency is the cause of their acne. Beef, beans, peas, yogurt and peanuts are examples of sources of zinc.

Movement and rest

Move every day. It provides a good circulation, better drainage of waste products and more supply of oxygen to the skin. In addition, provide sufficient rest. At rest we intend on the one hand the lack of tension and stress. Tension and stress have a negative effect on your entire health, as the body is in a state of readiness in the process. Only when the body is rested is it able to restore and clean make. On the other hand, sufficient rest therefore also means sufficient sleep. Rest will be reflected in healthy and radiant skin. The term ‘‘beauty sleep’ is therefore not an empty term.

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#healthyfood #healthylifestyle 
#healthy #foodie #instafood #fitness #vegan #foodstagram #foodlover #delicious #nutrition #healthyliving #diet #fit #healthyrecipes #veganfood #plantbased #turmeric #curcumine #organic #eatclean #glutenfree #healthylife #fitfood
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